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It’s burning here in Hyderabad and I won’t be surprised if it hits 50 degrees soon here. Though Hyderabad never has winters, but the official summer means it’s going to get hotter and commands a wardrobe shift. If you follow me on Wooplr, you’d have noticed the transition in my everyday outfits already by now. Read More

People who follow me on Snapchat know what I am usually up to. The other day I was visiting my Gynaec. for a regular check up and shared a bored selfie. People went crazy speculating all kinds of stuff including pregnancy of course hah! That’s when I shared a few things about my PCOS history Read More

Scarves are a fun accessory! Actually beyond just an accessory, they could be our saviors on a bad hair day or even jazz up any plain outfit in minutes. While in winters, scarves are mostly used for keeping the chill at bay, besides just a fashion accessory, but in summers, at least I am going Read More

What Ombre was around year 2013-14 is what Balayage has been for 2015-16, a major hair trend (well yeah that makes Ombre a passé, strictly speaking in terms of trends, but of course you can have what you like!) I had been wanting to get a Balayage for my hair for the longest time and finally got Read More

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe. I couldn’t agree more on this. Though Marilyn Monroe never would have thought that this could work for running shoes as well but had she experienced the Pure Boost X herself, she may just have meant it for these running Read More

Summers are almost here, well unless you live down south where it’s always summer! I am sure you guys must have started to pack your winter wear and would have already made room for your summer pieces in the closet.  There are are a lot of key trends that are going to be popular this Read More

Have you been through those times when you have two places to go to one after the other and can’t wear the same outfit as the occasions are just different. No, not talking about desk to dinner but something more like a fancy lunch followed by shopping trip with friends. Or even a movie date Read More

While I am trying to keep up with my running regime (ok still more like a walk-jog think) but I figured making a little changes in my lifestyle in general would help me lose weight and get fitter with a holistic approach. It’s been some time since I adopted these changes or ‘lifestyle modifications’, and Read More

We all have certain cars we crush on. MINI Cooper S has always been that for me. I keep telling Shitiz how I want one with its signature sporty stripes. So when I got the opportunity to drive one, that too on Shitiz’s birthday week, I was more than thrilled. Shitiz never got my love Read More

Netflix has been quite a boon! I won’t say it has the best of collection of shows and movies in India as of now but it’s definitely much better than the TV channels that we have. I work from home and don’t really like being all by myself all day so that’s where TV helps. Read More