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What foundation I use is probably one of the most frequently asked question so I thought it was high time I did a post on it! Listing all the foundations and primers I use here below. I have skipped concealers for now because I had already shared that in my stories in the past and Read More

Amway has always been one of those brands each one of us has tried or used at some point of time. Be it nutritional supplements or personal care and even consumer durable, it’s brands which has been part of our lives, and our families’. vHaving completed 20 years in India, the brand only is getting Read More

This is one of those hot topics that always needs to be discussed! I myself am obsessed about reading other people’s skincare just in case I discover a miracle product hence I totally get it when people ask me to share mine! I do feel bit guilty that I haven’t shared my updated skincare routine Read More

Hi guys! I know it’s been a while since I blogged, I am not really too active for last few months or you can say since I moved. Let’s just say I am going through a phase where I am only and only focussing on myself, my mental & physical health. Ever since I got Read More

I am obsessed with face masks. If there’s a new face mask in the market, I have to try it and it’s safe to say that I have tried a lot of masks available in the market by now! After a lot of trying and experimenting I do have a few favourites that I use Read More

As you guys know I have been traveling for last months, I have now more than enough content to share with you guys for next few weeks! Keeping this one as simple as an outfit post, considering I take my travel outfits seriously enough, I will start with sharing details about my three day trip Read More

The last few weeks have been super crazy and quite a trip emotionally, mentally, physically and well financially haha! I know a lot of you have been curious as to what’s been happening at my end and while you know I am moving, I haven’t been able to share much details on it. Not that Read More

A lot of guys keep asking me to share my skin care routine and the products that I use. While I keep sharing something or the other on it on my snapchat (id: pallaviruhail) I thought high time I put it all in once place for you guys. So here it goes: Facial wash I Read More

Considering I have a hormonal skin myself, thanks to more than a decade with PCOS, I can’t help but crush over women who have brilliantly flawless skin! It’s like I literally can’t help but notice and compliment if I see someone who has good skin. As far as crushes are concerned, we women do have Read More

What Ombre was around year 2013-14 is what Balayage has been for 2015-16, a major hair trend (well yeah that makes Ombre a passé, strictly speaking in terms of trends, but of course you can have what you like!) I had been wanting to get a Balayage for my hair for the longest time and finally got Read More