Jewellery is always special, when it is a gift of love. Especially when it is from your partner it simply implies a deep bond. However, it’s twice as amazing when it comes with a celebration of a special day or moment, something like the day you found love! I had an arranged marriage, as most Read More

Masaba Gupta is one name that needs no introduction. I haven’t come across one woman who isn’t a fan of Masaba’s quirky prints, wide colour palette and interesting silhouettes. And now, Masaba has collaborated with the online fashion portal FabAlley to create a line titled Misprint by Masaba x FabAlley. A wide variety of styles Read More

Now that we are waking up to foggy mornings, beginning to feel the nip in the air and have gotten our blankets out, we know it’s officially winter. The evenings are going to be cold and gloomy and I’d probably be borderline lazy on most days. Getting out of the bed is going to be Read More

Winter has always been my favourite season mostly because I am a fan of layering and fall fashion. I love jackets, trench coats, pullovers and even scarves and caps for accessories ever since I remember. When it comes to building a winter closet, I always start with pieces that are in sync with the ongoing Read More

While Fashion Week in itself may sound like a week long event, but you shouldn’t be surprised if I tell you that’s not the entirety of it. There are other many interesting on-ground events and activities happening to keep you busy and posted of the latest developments in the Indian fashion scene. From product launches Read More

The last few weeks have been super crazy and quite a trip emotionally, mentally, physically and well financially haha! I know a lot of you have been curious as to what’s been happening at my end and while you know I am moving, I haven’t been able to share much details on it. Not that Read More

I shot this look during my Udaipur trip as a travel outfit inspiration or travel look so to say but with so much happening around (the BIG move – revelation to happen soon) that work has taken a back seat.  Besides that, when we shot this look, there were too many things not working in Read More

I always tell people that you either know luxury or you don’t. You can never quantify anything premium. The craftsmanship in itself speaks louder than any scale and presents itself with an undefeatable edge and unbeatable user experience. That is exactly what, HP Spectre is all about, sheer luxury.  Stunning design in black and gold, Read More

As you guys often keep requesting me to share insight on what bra or lingerie do I wear with all kinds of necklines, finally decided to share that. With the umpteen kinds of front or back necklines we wear, we can’t rely upon the regular ones. So with this post I am going to share Read More

It’s been a while since I got back from Udaipur and there’s so much to share but circumstances aren’t being my best friend exactly. When I got back I had a lot of work commitments to get done with and the personal posts took a back seat. Then my parents were here for around a Read More

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