Staycations have become a much needed necessity in today’s time. While we all need a break from work and the mundane routine, sometimes a holiday can get pretty hectic in itself. I remember, we were in Miami & Vegas couple of months back to relax but all that touristy stuff only tired me up further. Read More

I recently had the opportunity to visit the La Martina Store in DLF Emporio, Delhi, to check out their Spring Summer ’18 collection. I went through everything and even tried on a few pieces to share my thoughts with you guys here. But before I get to that, I want to talk a bit about Read More

As you guys know, I love to experiment with my outfits which of course includes all sorts of necklines. For totally understandable reasons, every time I share a picture with an interesting neckline on instagram, I have a lot of you ladies DMng me asking what innerwear did I wear under that outfit. So here’s Read More

India’s Fastest Selling Car Is Here And It’s Already Been Around The Country!  In less than six months since its launch in May last year, Maruti Suzuki sold over a lakh units of the all-new Dzire. This milestone was celebrated with a twelve day long road trip across the Indian Coast line. Maruti Suzuki celebrated history Read More

Hey guys!! Hope you all had a great weekend! Before I get to specific exercises that are my go-to for each target area, I want to get over with other small topics such as this one! My tried and tested cellulite busting moves. Let’s start with basics first! What is cellulite? It is dimpled appearance Read More

This is one of those hot topics that always needs to be discussed! I myself am obsessed about reading other people’s skincare just in case I discover a miracle product hence I totally get it when people ask me to share mine! I do feel bit guilty that I haven’t shared my updated skincare routine Read More

If there’s one thing I personally can’t compromise on, then that’s drinking water. I am pretty much paranoid, you’ll often see me carrying my own water bottle than having to rely on outside water (unless packaged drinking water of course). But how do we ensure that we get the purest drinking water at home? A Read More

I know I had to do this post sooner, but with last minute travel plans, to Delhi then Miami and then Vegas, I was just too overwhelmed to function! Anyway, here’s pretty much a direct breakup (or an attempt) of what I eat in a day. But before I get to that, I must share Read More

As we all know, MINISO, a Japanese designer brand opened its doors in Delhi earlier this year! I was able to be a part of one of their store’s grand launch at The Great India Place, Noida. The launch was a massive hit with instrumental & dance performances gathering everyone’s attention. Since the store was Read More

Getting fit can never be done just by working out, it’s a fact! And mind you, I am not talking about just food here. It’s a web of causation. Multiple factors working together in an alignment to ensure a better fitness level and your overall health. Honestly, I am not going to tell you what Read More

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