Whenever I am asked what I do, it is followed by asking where I work from.  My answer is usually “just about everywhere” and it is true. While I do have an office set up at my place, I am also pretty much traveling all the time for shoots, meetings, sourcing, events and so on. Read More

I think by now, everyone knows I am super obsessed with eyewear! Not just sunglasses but also spectacles. But how do I really need my eyewear, let’s go through a day in my life to know that. But before we get started on that, I must mention that I recently came across John Jacobs’ latest Read More

While we already take efforts to add small details to our everyday looks, be it with a certain shade of lipstick or a perfect watch, I think festive season demands a little extra attention. Listing 5 things one needs this festive season here: Glitter eyeshadow: The festive season is the best time to add a Read More

What foundation I use is probably one of the most frequently asked question so I thought it was high time I did a post on it! Listing all the foundations and primers I use here below. I have skipped concealers for now because I had already shared that in my stories in the past and Read More

I know I should have shared this post way before with you guys here, but last few weeks have been crazy! In between house hunting to shifting to spending days in home stores, then traveling on and off, it’s been chaotic. Now that I have finally settled in (enough) to have some sanity back, getting Read More

Amway has always been one of those brands each one of us has tried or used at some point of time. Be it nutritional supplements or personal care and even consumer durable, it’s brands which has been part of our lives, and our families’. vHaving completed 20 years in India, the brand only is getting Read More

To be honest, I am at that age where the need or desire to own my own house is becoming vehement with each passing day. Being married for a few years probably did that to me, besides just seeing it as an investment. I am sure a lot of you would relate! By now I Read More

PCOS, one of the commonest hormonal disorder among women right now, something I personally have been dealing with since the age of 16, is definitely not a fun thing to have. So while I have finally been able to deal with it better phew, I know a lot of you have questions around it. With Read More

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