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What Ombre was around year 2013-14 is what Balayage has been for 2015-16, a major hair trend (well yeah that makes Ombre a passé, strictly speaking in terms of trends, but of course you can have what you like!) I had been wanting to get a Balayage for my hair for the longest time and finally got Read More

I am sucker for lipbalms and chapsticks! I have dry lips irrespective of the weathe so my love for lipbalms is also more like a need and I end up buying more and more balms. You’ll always find some lipbalm or a chapstick in my bag at any point of time. So when VLCC sent Read More

In continuation of my review series for VLCC products, this is my forth post where I will be reviewing VLCC Skin Defense Face Wash and Scrub: VLCC Skin Defense Melia Face Wash The Melia face wash costs INR 140 for an 80 ml tube and is for normal to oily skin. The face wash mildly Read More

VLCC is one of those Indian wellness, beauty and personal grooming brands which has made its mark on the global map. Personally, I have used couple of VLCC products on regular basis like sunscreen, de-tan, bleach and more. With this post I’ll be reviewing the VLCC Essential Skin Defense Kit! The VLCC essential skin defense Read More

Hey guys! So ever since I posted couple of selfies from an upcoming wedding blogpost series as sneak-peek, I have been getting a lot of queries on the details of makeup, the breakdown and products used. I also got a few tutorials requests, but honestly I am still not that confident about making videos but Read More

As you know that I recently took up the #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge by Gillette Venus and have been sharing my experience time to time. This is the final post of the challenge. With my previous posts I have already mentioned how convenient, time saving and easy it is. Plus I also busted some common shaving myths! Read More

This post is in continuation to my previous post on VLCC Facial Kit Review. I’ll be talking about these kits: VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit VLCC Silver Facial Kit VLCC Gold Facial Kit VLCC Diamond Facial Kit Common points, as mentioned in previous post: Each comes as a 6 step facial system. Each kit box Read More

If you guys have been following my previous posts on ‘Shaving’ as a method of hair removal (Week 1 & Week 2), you’d know that I have always relied on shaving, at least for over a decade by now! While a lot of women would agree how shaving is quick, painless, fuss free and convenient, Read More

I recently took up the Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge and as mentioned in my recent post about the Gillette Venus event (click here for it), I’ll be sharing my experience on a weekly basis here for a month. Today I’ll share Week 1 results but before that, here are a few pictures of the products: Read More

A lot of you keep asking me to write more often about beauty and makeup products. So I have decided to write about product reviews and personal care/ grooming regimes more often now on wards! Now those who follow me on Snapchat (id: pallaviruhail) would already be knowing that at the beginning of this month, Read More

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