Of Raindrops, Petrichor and Ginger Chai

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The pitter-patter of the raindrops on the windowpane, the cool air outside and the increased longing for ginger chai are just some things that signal the start of the rainy season. After the dreary summer heat, it is such a relief! On days when it rains incessantly, the air outside feels much cleaner and cooler. And I always want petrichor ⁠— the earthy scent after it rains ⁠— to last a little longer.

For me, enjoying the season is all about soaking in the weather, taking it slow and occasionally heading outdoors to enjoy the greenery brought by the rains.

Here are some things I love doing during the monsoons:

-Ginger chai:

Could there be anything better than curling up with a steaming hot cup of chai and watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s while it’s pouring outside? I don’t think so. Though all seasons are the same for chai-lovers, the monsoons carry a special place in my heart. Rains and ginger chai are truly a match made in heaven.

-Cool evenings on the balcony:

Right after it rains, the scene from up high can look so stunning! The dust in the air seems to settle down and the buildings seem to have been washed down and painted. That’s one reason I love settling down on the balcony with some soft music and a snack. 

-Long streaming sessions:

On quite a few days during the monsoon, stepping out is not an option. Otherwise, one risks getting trapped in the downpour. On such days, staying indoors and planning a binge-watching fest with friends is the best. I always have TV shows lined up on my to-watch list. And with Airtel 4G, I can enjoy them even in stormy weather conditions with no buffering. Having access to HD streaming at all times makes life so much easier! 

-A trip to the mountains:

This one is a must! The Himalayas have a different feel altogether once it has rained a few times. The winding roads filled with fog are an absolute delight! Every year, I try to schedule at least one trip to a place in Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand. Though most people prefer to visit hill stations during summers, the weather in the hills during the monsoon season is simply magical. 

-Rooftop dining:

This one is close to impossible during summers in Delhi when even the evenings can leave you sweating. After a rainy day, I love going out to enjoy a meal at one of the many rooftop restaurants in the city with my friends. The weather is just right for a nice savory supper. 

What is your favorite part about the monsoon season? Do let me know! 

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