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Finding my way through a plot line with inscrutable character motivations. Learning a fact from medieval European society that leaves me astounded. Or hearing from someone who lived years ago. Isn’t it fascinating that I can do it all from the comfort of my bed through reading? 

I think there are several reasons to be a bibliophile. Reading a book is like stepping into an imaginary world and seeing events unfold in front of you. You get to hear what the best minds have to say on so many different topics and be a part of stories people have experienced first-hand. 

It’s amazing how a book can take you places, get you familiar with characters from another era and even open the door to a parallel world! When starting a new book, I still get excited like a kid. The thrill that follows the entry of a new character or the beginning of a new chapter is something I can’t ever get enough of.  

 I don’t always have the time to read with my tight schedule and I am also unable to carry along a book at all times. But now there’s an easier way to do that with the Airtel Books app. I always have my phone with me and I can read ebooks with the Airtel Books app that is complimentary with my Airtel Thanks Platinum membership.

 The app has a great collection of books and my bibliophile heart is satisfied with everything they have. I could read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes through the app itself and I am still discovering the wide range of titles on offer. 

In this post, I am going to share some good books I have read this year so far.  

Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind:

Since everyone had been talking about this one, I couldn’t hold off reading this one for too long. The author simply turned upside down my beliefs about the world with his insights. Given the range of topics he covers, I think the book is appealing to just about everyone. 

The Fourth Estate:

The novel is more or less based on two real-life media moguls and has an intriguing story that takes the reader through their journey over the years. The way their professional rivalry plays out is really worth reading. 

Mrs Funnybones: 

Twinkle Khanna really managed to tickle my funny bone with this one. Her candid humour and on-point observations kept me hooked. If you love a light read after a long day, I would definitely recommend this one.

The Best of Ruskin Bond:

It had been years since I read Ruskin Bond. I decided to go with this handpicked collection of his best stories and they took me back to an age filled with innocence and awe about the world. The way he describes the mountains just makes me want to go for an impromptu trip to the Himalayas.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes:

I couldn’t get enough of this classic! The unbeatable spy who is able to observe things most of us would miss and make connections between them is so fascinating! If you love a thrilling and an adventurous read, you wouldn’t want to miss this one! 

Have you read any of these titles? Or did you read anything interesting lately? What would you guys recommend me?

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