Staying Connected!

The last time when I spoke about my work taking me places, I mentioned my Switzerland trip in my previous post and how I managed with my Airtel international roaming package seamlessly. But what about a totally different travel or work experience, like smaller places and remote areas?

Are those experiences seamless as well for me connectivity wise then? Let me share that with you from a recent work travel experience.
I was invited for a road trip + off roading experience recently as a work gig. The first phase involved taking a longer route from Maharashtra to Goa and the second phase involved off reading in remote areas of Karnataka and Goa.

So while I was off roading and road tripping, I didn’t have to worry about losing out on work or not being able to keep up with my emails and deliverables because I had network through out. Even for the collaboration that I was there for, I was supposed to post stories and posts on the go as a part of my deliverable which would have been impossible if I had didn’t have network. We went to places like Supa, Dandeli, Quepem and more. A lot of my fellow friends/influencers who didn’t have Airtel needed hotspot from me to post their content and I was more than happy to help!!

Plus, my family was happy to FaceTime me whenever he missed me or wanted to check on me. Further, I could also see the locals using Airtel and happy with the connectivity with whatever interaction I could have during my work trip.

Sharing a few images that I posted on the go from these places thanks to my Airtel network!

I am pretty happy with my connectivity and I know when am traveling, be it anywhere, staying connected is the least of my concern!

Much Love, P

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