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When I travel, especially internationally, a lot of people have queries on how do I stay connected. Do I get another SIM or do I carry my US number with a global plan or do I use international roaming.

So I thought, it was about time, right after my week long Swiss trip, to share the details. To be honest, to get an international SIM even just for few days while traveling has always been inconvenient to me. I mean, I can still update my family and few friends of the number soon as I get it but what about other people on my contacts and beyond. I get a lot of work calls, a lot even about potential work queries so I need to have my number always working, even for business sake. So I obviously stick my own number even during international travels and work on roaming.

Now thanks to Airtelโ€™s international roaming packages, I always have network and internet connectivity. I am sure you would agree because I was out all the time and would be posting stories and content on the go, unlike the old days when I could only do that when I had hotelโ€™s wifi!

Getting the Airtel international roaming package was matter of a few minutes. I used the Airtel app, explored the international roaming options before I decided to pick one that worked for me the best.

Sharing a few screenshots here (including how easy the process was and I always had 4G be it to post something or book uber, or use google maps!):

Also came in handy to explore places to see/things to do and then using google maps for the same during my stay. The service was great throughout, I took calls, replied to messages or mails seamlessly. Here a few pictures I posted on my instagram on the go:

I think Airtel is a pretty great option to consider if you travel a lot internationally and donโ€™t want to bother yourself getting temporary sims or losing out on business because of connectivity issues. You can check out the plans online or on the app!

Hope this helps a lot of you guys who travel actively!

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