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I think by now, everyone knows I am super obsessed with eyewear! Not just sunglasses but also spectacles. But how do I really need my eyewear, let’s go through a day in my life to know that.

But before we get started on that, I must mention that I recently came across John Jacobs’ latest eyewear collection and was super impressed with the wide variety of designs available on their website. I decided to get my hands on some to test them out in terms of quality of material used and UV protection (I have photophobia and trust me I can really tell how good the lens are!).

About the online shopping experience with the John Jacobs website, if you’re a new customer, you get a discount! Next, you can check out the collection and even try on the glasses virtually using the 3D feature to be sure how the eyewear looks on you. In case you’re still unsure you can always get an exchange smoothly.

Coming back to my day, here’s what I am upto on most days. You’ll find me wearing my top picks from the John Jacob’s latest eyewear collection by the way.

Mornings usually begin with a cup of milk or cold coffee (non-dairy) as I go through my emails and notifications briefly. I use spectacles while reading, working, watching TV or even during movies. For home, I prefer something light yet fun, I mean it’s my space I am allowed to be cute with my glasses haha!\

After that I usually make breakfast, pack Shitiz’s lunch and hit the gym. Once I am back from gym, I grab a quick brunch. After that, I am usually off to run some work errands, like sourcing, location recce and so on. I definitely need my sunglasses when I am out, just can’t function without them!

Now this is also the time when I am shooting on the days am not busy with errands. It’s like alternate days. Now coming to shoots, since I am always creating new looks, I need a variety of sunglasses handy to go with the look.

Evenings are mostly me taking my meetings.

I also end up working out of cafes or co working spaces in the evenings now. I am yet to set up up my home office so working at home can be distracting at times. I prefer going out to work, especially when it’s convenient when I am already out for shoots/errands/meetings.

I usually am back home by 7-8ish and after I am done with dinner, I sit down to catch up on my TV shows or flip through magazines. This is my me time!!

This pretty much sums up my usual weekday. 

I have been using these John Jacobs eyewear pieces for some days now and I am very happy with quality and the rich feel of each especially for the price point. The eyewear are made from rich italian acetate and not the cheap quality plastic like a lot that you come across. It is indeed an ‘affordable luxury’! Further, since their designs are manufactured in house and can be bought directly from their websites and stores, you know you’re getting an authentic product. With no middlemen policy, it only ensures that these quality pieces are available at pocket friendly prices. Do checkout their collection and I am sure you’ll end up liking a lot of eyewear pieces, let me know when you do!

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  1. Sonal Singh

    January 22, 2019 at 4:04 am

    Love all the glasses used by you! I’m already using John Jacobs but I now am definitely a fan of their new range.

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