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Foundations + Primers I use

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What foundation I use is probably one of the most frequently asked question so I thought it was high time I did a post on it! Listing all the foundations and primers I use here below. I have skipped concealers for now because I had already shared that in my stories in the past and I can cover that  again maybe if you guys would want me to.

But before I get to it, few things:

  1. I have super oily, sensitive & acne prone skin so I am fussy about the products I use. These work for me, but you can always get a sample and try it out before making a purchase.
  2. As for shades, I have shared what shade I am for each but I would highly suggest trying on a foundation at a store, see how it sits and then buy it.
  3. I rarely use drug store products, with my skin I have a hard time trusting just any formula so I am guilty (or maybe not) in mostly buying high end makeup.
  4. I have tried a fair amount of foundations that are out in the market and have finally settled down with these for now. But of course, there are new launches pretty much everyday and that can be quite exhausting even financially hence there are chances I may not have tried some good stuff too.
  5. I can’t stick to one foundation that’s just how I am. I need to have multiple options laid out in front of me to pick one based on my and my skin’s mood for the day, and the occasion of course. Sometimes I mix two foundations too, like if my skin’s acting tad dry, I tend to mix my matte foundation with my not so matte foundation to balance the texture. Sometimes it has to do with the coverage or making it last long and so on.
  6. Sometimes I even skip concealers and use the same foundation as a concealer. I’ll just use a concealer brush and use the foundation just as how I would use a concealer, top it/layer it and cover it. When I am tanned, I use some of my lighter foundations as under eye concealers. Works for me!
  7. You obviously need to use moisturiser and a primer under any foundation you wear. I don’t color correct, but if you need to, that’s a step after primer and before foundation.
  8. I always use setting powder (Laura Mercier) & setting spray (Urban Decay).


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation:

I love this one! Super light, spreads easy, doesn’t get cakey. For summers or humid weather it’s perfect, doesn’t feel like a mask on face even in the heat! The coverage is light to medium. I am shade 5.5.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr:

Probably the only product I dig so far from the brand, love the smooth matte texture after application. Coverage is pretty good, but it oxidizes so try, let it be on for few minutes and then buy! I am shade 200.

Clinique Acne Solutions:

I like the fact that they made an acne skin friendly foundation, and since it has salicylic acid in it, it is supposed to help with the breakouts. Now I am not sure how much it really treats it, I mean I am barely wearing it for few hours but at least it won’t aggravate the acne. The coverage is not that mind blowing though, considering you’ll need that with acne. I am shade 02.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation:

This used to be my holy grail when I had just started using makeup! I still use it once in a while but not that much anymore. It’s too heavy and if you’re someone like me who has big pores, it’s definitely gonna clog some on frequent usage. Besides that, it darkens the skin after a prolonged use, yes! I only use it for shoots sometime, needless to say the coverage is great. I am NW25.

Chanel Le Teint:

This is literally my everyday foundation (besides the armani one). I love it, I swear by it! Medium coverage, doesn’t feel cakey, best if you get the same compact too. I am shade 40.

Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme:

As the name suggests, the coverage is crazy indeed (unless you have serious concealing to do). It’s matte and can be tad drying if you don’t moisturise your face enough, but it lasts. I still avoid this in summers and stick to my armani or chanel one. I am shade Buff.

Estee Lauder Double Wear:

This is one holy grail foundation when you’re looking for great coverage, something that lasts all day, won’t budge and doesn’t feel too cakey either. I am sure you can see just from this picture, how much I use it! This is my party wear/out all day or night/ wedding/ important event foundation! I even mix this a lot with my other foundations. I am shade 2W2.

L’oreal Infallible Total Cover:

The only drugstore foundation I have! The coverage is medium to buildable, matte to feel and stays for a really good time. Works as my under eye concealer too on tanned days haha! I am shade 303.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer:

This is a tinted moisturizer I use a lot, this is my 3rd or 4th tube I believe! Perfect for everyday, like running errands, movies, quick shopping, basically anything you wouldn’t want a full face or bare face. This hits the right spot for me! Light coverage but you can use concealer on top if needed. I am shade Fawn.

Givenchy Photo’perfexion:

The bottle may say fluid foundation but trust me it’s more like a tinted moisturizer. Super light to feel on the skin, perfect for everyday when you don’t need heavy concealing! Very very summer & humidity friendly. I am shade 5.


These are the primers I use.

The Mac studio fix primer is perfect when using a super matte foundation or days my skin acts dry in patches.

The Lancome LA Base Pro I love, it’s pretty smoothening and works with all kinds of foundations. Leaves a nice soft feel to skin, non sticky and foundations go easy on it!

I like the Too Faced primer for the fact that I don’t need a pore minimzer with it, it does like a two in one job. I avoid this with super matte foundations though.

The Benefit pore minimzer is what I use with other primers to minimize the appearance of pores. Needless to say does a pretty good job (this has to be my 7/8th tube).

I think this pretty much sums it all up, in case of any further queries, please drop a comment here below and I will get back to you guys here itself!

Much Love,



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    Wow amazing blog post.

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