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Amway TVC Launch: All You Need To Know!

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Amway has always been one of those brands each one of us has tried or used at some point of time. Be it nutritional supplements or personal care and even consumer durable, it’s brands which has been part of our lives, and our families’.

vHaving completed 20 years in India, the brand only is getting bigger and expanding in terms of reach and accessibility with their product range. You’ll know why I say that in a bit.

I recently got the opportunity to attend the Amway event organised at their head office in gurgaon. The prime focus was on Amway launching its TVC series around their makeup and beauty range ‘Attitude’.

Attitude range is about young women confident about being her true self and not having to compromise on what she wants or deserves. Someone who doesn’t mind being vocal about the same, not shy away from telling people #DontLimitMyAttitude!

Considering the women of today are just that, I believe we all can relate to the brand’s ideology.

What I really liked about the Attitude range is, that it is specifically designed for Indian women keeping the skin type and preferences in mind. Considering it is manufactured in Tamil Nadu, it is truly ‘Made in India’!

Further, the Attitude product range has makeup products like lipsticks, blush, eye shadow to personal care products like sunscreen, face wash, acne treatment products and so on. The fact that all these products have a drugstore pricing, makes it even better. I know a lot of you guys keep asking me about affordable makeup & beauty products I can trust, I would say this is one.

Attitude besides other anyway product range are now easily available at : besides physical retail stores.

Coming to the event, I had a great time interacting with the Amway team and fellow bloggers. They even had fun games and talk sessions where we all shared our #DontLimitMyAttitude stories! The TVC launched are super fun too, you guys can check them out here:

Coming to the products, if I have to pick any favourite I think it would be these two:

Attitude Clear Activ face wash (MRP 349/- for 100ml)

Attitude Clear Active spot corrector (MRP 399/- for 9g)

As you guys know I have a very hormonal acne prone skin, I am always on a lookout for products that can keep my skin in check. I have been using these two products for almost a week now and here’s what I have to say:

The face wash first, for starters I like how the face wash is mild and gentle on the skin since it’s water based. With green tea extracts it combats the acne and breakouts while also soothing the skin. Sulphate free & non-comedogenic doesn’t leave any dry feeling on face after washing unlike most acne facewashes.

Coming to the pimple spot corrector, I have tried it a couple of times already. With green tea extracts just like the face wash (surely in stronger potency) the spot corrector reduces the pimple in 2-3 days. You’ll notice the difference yourself in 2 days if you use it regularly (2-3 times a day).

If you guys are looking for pocket friendly acne products I would surely suggest trying these two out.

The entire Attitude product range is promising anyway, I hope you guys do check it out! In case any of you are already using it do drop a comment here below and share your feedback with me!

Here are few pictures from the event:


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