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Staycations have become a much needed necessity in today’s time. While we all need a break from work and the mundane routine, sometimes a holiday can get pretty hectic in itself. I remember, we were in Miami & Vegas couple of months back to relax but all that touristy stuff only tired me up further. I think i needed a break, just a pure relaxation time and that’s exactly what staycations are supposed to be for.

I got lucky that around the same time I was approached by Neemrana Hotels to visit one of their properties – Tijara Fort Palace. I was more than happy to do so, especially when the opportunity came to go with my fellow blogger friend Srish from StyleFashionEtc.

It is a perfect weekend getaway especially from Delhi & Jaipur as it would only take you a few hours drive for you to get there.

Srish and I stayed at Tijara Fort Palace for three days and I am going to break everything up for you guys here below, followed by pictures. We had a blast btw!


Nicely tucked in Alwar, Rajasthan and set atop a hill, Tijara Fort Palace, now a heritage hotel, is a 19th century palace spread across 8 acres with 3 palace wings (Rani Mahal for the royal ladies, the Mardana portion for the Maharajas, a pleasure palace, Hawa Mahal), with rooms offering modern comfort and amenities. It also has the seven terrace hanging gardens, inspired by Hanging Gardens of Babylonia, offering a beautiful sight from the top to stop and stare!

Coming to the rooms, Tijara Fort Palace has various category rooms to suit anyone’s requirement. The rooms have a warm, antique & heritage inspired decor and aesthetics. A perfect blend of old charm and modern facilities with a warm welcoming staff, is what makes Tijara Fort Palace a ‘Non-Hotel’ hotel. We stayed in Rani Mahal’s ‘Sheba Mahal’ room on third floor. It is the only room with a balcony on the property! And just in case you think it has a regular view, well not! We had a 360′ view from the top of the hanging gardens, the palms oasis, fields and hills, everything and beyond! Further, right outside our room was this beautiful open sitting area, a perfect space for coffee in the evenings. I also loved the courtyard in Rani Mahal!!


Tijara Fort Palace has a spa (Orient Spa) in Rani Mahal itself on the second floor. We had our spa appointment booked right after we checked in which helped get over the travel and rejuvenate. I took the one hour full body aroma massage and did I not feel relaxed already!!

The swimming pool was definitely a favourite spot for me and Srish both! We had a great time chilling in the pool since it was pretty sunny there. With a historical backdrop and a scenic view from the roof, the swimming area was every bit of a royal experience in its own. I also liked the fact how it wasn’t in the centre of everything unlike a lot of properties. Hence, when we got there and there was no one around, it felt like a pretty space just for us to chill!


The food is served in the restaurant which is centrally located with a sit out area besides the indoor dining. All the meals served were traditional Rajasthani meal, with a few continental options, in the buffet. We really really really loved the food! I practically over-ate each time. The best part about the food was, not just it tasted great, but also had a home cooked feel to it, the best kinds right! You might want to try the daal-baati and laal maas. 


The staff was very warm, welcoming and friendly! Everyone was super courteous and would keep checking on us for anything we might need. Considering it’s a heritage property in the middle of nowhere, for us two girls who would be strolling even at night by ourselves, we did not, for a second, felt unsafe and always had someone from the staff keeping an eye on us haha!

What to do:

Eat, sleep, relax, click pictures, repeat. I am not kidding, this is all we did and it was so much fun! A total relaxation for three days and pretty pictures since it’s a beautiful property. Every blogger’s dream and no wonder it’s a pretty popular spot now for pre-wedding shoots and destination weddings now!

In case you’re still confused as to why you need to pay a visit, here are some pictures in case you missed the ones I already posted on my social media platforms.

I probably clicked a billion pictures at Tijara but there’s only so much I can share for now! I’ll keep posting some on my instagram once in while. Srish and I had the best time here and I am glad we did this together, she’s so much fun! Nothing beats having a girl’s trip anyway!

Other information:

The room charges start with around Rs 7,000 and can go up based on what room you pick. The booking is seamless and can be done online at You may have some connectivity issues there but to be honest it’s a perfect opportunity to keep the devices away and spend some ‘me time’ or ‘quality time with your friends or family’ and just unwind.

Hope you guys liked this post!

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  2. Micheal

    July 23, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    Holy Toeodl, so glad I clicked on this site first!

  3. MobikwikHotels

    July 18, 2018 at 9:43 am

    Wow Its damm Beautiful. The way you described each and everything with photos is awesome. Will definitely try to visit this beautiful place.

  4. Lisa

    July 6, 2018 at 6:00 am

    Lovely photos. I also stay last month for 1 night with mine husband. it’s a good weekand gateway.

  5. Pratishtha Khan

    June 4, 2018 at 10:22 am

    Such a lovely property, Pallavi! Your post makes me want to go to Alwar! Loving all the Fort shots, as well as all your gorgeous outfits!

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