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I recently had the opportunity to visit the La Martina Store in DLF Emporio, Delhi, to check out their Spring Summer ’18 collection. I went through everything and even tried on a few pieces to share my thoughts with you guys here. But before I get to that, I want to talk a bit about the brand as well.

Strongly inspired by its roots to Polo, La Martina, an Argentinian luxury label, is highly inspired by the game for its design and craftsmanship sensibilities. The La Martina SS18 is an extension of the same thought yet keeping up with the spirit of a globetrotter.

The main collection of the SS18 collection can be divided based the influence of the game on three extremely important countries for polo: Argentina, England and the United States.

From Argentina, the latest collections derives its inspiration of natural tones, like optic white, ecru and sand, with hints of light blue recalling the national flag and more. Further, it also has that the lightness of linen and cotton for daywear such as maxi dresses, loose-fitting shirts and tricot knitwear producing an aged effect.

England’s celtic traditions, royal atmospheres, breath-taking coastal rocks overlooking the sea, majestic castles and hills of bucolic peacefulness swept by strong northern, then the urban London, making it a city of contrasts. This inspires rich motifs, lace details and hints of lurex applied to jackets, outfits, dresses and trousers. Besides that, denims have a biker cut, while the polo shirts display details and graphics faithful to the delicate floral motifs. Even the Gaurds line, inspired by royal gaurds, gives you a sense of English ways.

Coming to the United States now, La Martina takes the academic world as a point of reference here. Land of the eight institutions forming the prestigious Ivy League, universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale, the academic standards of the Ivy institutes are world famous with a deep culture of various sporting traditions. La Martina with its SS18 pays homage to the same. The colour chart is n doubt a traditional palette: indigo and navy blue are dominant, followed by red and white, as a reference to the US flag in the jeggings, dresses, tees for the women’s line.

Lastly, for the first time, La Martina introduces a ‘Crossover’ line with the SS18,a collection of iconic outfits that are part of the brand’s history, reinterpreted and freshly created with India inspired graphics, motifs and prints. You get to see camouflage and paisley prints, even on natural fabrics such as poplin, chambray and piquet.

Further, the co-branding with Maserati continues along the lines of activewear, yet in an urban setting for a contemporary look. This capsule collection includes outdoor jackets, bombers, fleece tops and polo shirts, contemporary look, enriched by the exclusive nature of two brands that have made excellence in life and in sport their driving force.

Here’s a sneak peek of the women’s collection and some of my favourite picks:

As you can see, the collection also has a good variety of bags for all purposes you can think of. Be it a tote for work or a dressy bag for an evening out, La Martina has wide range of bags which are very nicely priced considering it being a luxury label. I really like what the entire collection has to offer, something you guys must check out!

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