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After an unwanted but helpless hiatus, I am back to the grind! This settling in process took some time for me but hey better late than never, which reminds me of the topic for today. So without wasting any more time, let’s get to it.

When it comes to accessories, watches are my favourite kind! You can never go wrong with a statement watch to add some character to your look. I am guilty of buying and investing in a lot of watches in the past and, recently I was introduced to the world of Casio’s Baby G collection and I am in love. In case you haven’t noticed so on my social media, I have been only wearing the Baby G collection for last couple of weeks. Why if you may ask, I’ll be listing my favourite 5 features of the Baby G watch here.

(Outfit Details: Casio Baby G Watch, Mango Dress, H&M Denim Jacket, Tommy Hilfiger Shoes, Gucci Bag & Ray Ban Sunglasses)

In the times of a cellphone 24*7 with us telling us the time, we surely need watches for more than just telling time and that’s what Baby G does for me:

  1. I love how the Baby G comes in different colours and styles, ranging from feminine to formal to sporty. There’s something for every one and every occasion and these look really good when you wear them.
  2. The Baby G watches are very sturdy and shock resistant due to resin band and band plus mineral glass. I can be as careless as I want with the watch an get away with it. These are even 100 metre water resistant. Hello beaches of Florida 😀
  3. The World Time feature is pretty awesome! It has 29 time zones (27 cities + coordinated greenwich mean time), city code display, daylight saving on/off. How it helps me? Well I travelled across 3 different time zones when I had to come down to Florida and thanks to my Baby G it was easy to keep a track of time. While in Florida, the watch took care of the day light saving phenomena as well. Now even in the US as you know there are 4 time zones, so anywhere I travel, all I have to do is press a tiny button and it’s done. It’s perfect for people who travel.
  4. The watch has a timer and an alarm, I don’t need to buy or carry an alarm clock and a stopwatch. Helps me while working out or even when I am cooking/baking.
  5. The baby G watches are pretty light weight as compared to other watches. I am not a fan of wearing heavy watches around my wrist and so these are perfect!

It must be noted, that the one I am wearing in these pictures is still a pretty basic watch for everyday use. A lot of other Baby G watches come with more advanced features such as Thermometer, Tide Graph, LED light, Moon Data, Tidal Trend Indicator and Hand Shift Feature to name a few.

Next time if you step out to buy a watch for yourself, do check out Casio’s Baby G collection!

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    August 21, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    I discovered your blog by chance Thanks for posting this great write up.

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