Tips & Tricks For Woollen Care

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I like winters, I like snuggling up in something cosy and layering up! In case you guys have been noticing on my social media platforms, I love wearing sweaters or pullovers particularly in this weather. I am currently obsessed with the oversized pullover trend and practically them everyday and everywhere! I also shot a quick video on styling an oversized pullover, here it is:

As you guys can see in the video that I swear by Wipro Safewash for my woollen wear care, let me tell you why!

I have been married for almost 4 years, and till I was single, my mom would take care of my woollens. But when I got married and the first time I washed my woollens with a random product off the supermarket, it ruined my woollens. I had to call up mom and ask what had she been using. That’s when she recommended me Wipro Safewash. Since then, Safewash is all I use!

It is quite fuss free to use and ensures that my woollens last longer. When we buy woollens we intend to use them for years to come because of course you can’t send your woollens for dry clean after each time you wear something, not just it’s tedious, takes days but also tad heavy on the pocket. Wipro Safewash makes it convenient for me to wash my woollens at home without compromising on the quality for a very pocket friendly price!

The Wipro Safewash protects the colour, despite of multiple or regular washing, the colour stays intact, doesn’t fade or bleed which is always a concern.

I use the safewash to wash Shitiz’s work wear woollens too and you’d know how you can not mess around with the fit of work wear. I have never had any complaints with safewash when it comes to maintaining the fit of my woollens! The safewash doesn’t spoil the fit unlike most washing liquids/detergent which tend to make it loose .

Besides that, the woollens also feel fresh and gentle after the wash while maintaining the shine. I hate it when my woollens aren’t soft and easy on the skin!

Further, as you’d know how we have to store our woollens for months and owing to its thickness, it can lead to germs, Wipro Safewash, enriched with the goodness of Neem, keeps the woollens germ-free.

Here are other few quick tips on how to make your woollens last longer:

  1. Turn the garments inside-out before folding/hanging them in the closet too, for added protection from pilling.
  2. Opt for a delicate cycle in your washing machine settings for washing your woollens.
  3. Hang your woollens for drying them instead of opting for tumble drying in the machine.
  4. Brush your sweaters regularly to prevent them from pilling. You can use a lint roller or brush, or even special razors or scissors in extreme cases.
  5. Use only liquid detergents to wash your woollens and I highly recommend Wipro Safewash for the same!

Hope this tips help and you do try Wipro Safewash soon!

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