Work Wear For Fall With Benetton

Winter has always been my favourite season mostly because I am a fan of layering and fall fashion. I love jackets, trench coats, pullovers and even scarves and caps for accessories ever since I remember.

When it comes to building a winter closet, I always start with pieces that are in sync with the ongoing trend yet have a timeless feel to it. Something that I won’t mind wearing a year or two later because let’s be honest, winter season is quite short lived and if you invest in good quality pieces, that do last for years. Further, I play around with accessories that instrument me to dress up or dress down the outfit as per the mood and occasion. 

While layering or putting together a casual outfit is still comparatively easy, it’s the formal dressing that can be tricky. Having worked in the corporate sector myself for almost three years, I have seen people getting it wrong and no I don’t mean that in a demeaning way. I understand that while keeping warm is a priority, at some point of time people give up on how it may look aesthetically and even professionally. Irrespective of anything, you have to look sharp at your workplace. I know for a fact that people tend to take you more seriously if you take your work wear seriously. 

Coming to the look, I recently had to opportunity to visit the United Colors of Benetton store and I love what they have to offer. The fall collection has a wide variety of winter pieces to pick from, working for every occasion possible. A movie outing, a day out with friends, date with the beau and even work wear. The colour palate too ranges from solid colours like burgandy, blues, blacks et al to vibrant reds, pinks and more, to match everyone’s sensibilities. 

This is the look I put together from Benetton’s latest collection for fall:























When it comes to work wear, solid colors are a no-brainer. You avoid big prints or too many prints together. A clean, well-fit, fuss free and comfortable ensemble is what you’d want.

When it comes to winter work wear layering, jackets, trench coats, blazers, pullovers teamed with culottes, trousers or skirt work. Of course depending on how cold it gets you can go from wearing a not so thick jacket with a woolen top, like I have here in this look, to thick woolen blazers worn over pullovers and shirts.

Scarves are perfect way to add a pop of colour and glam quotient, which you can keep on or take it off however you want.

I hope you guys like this look! I’ll be back with another fall look very soon.

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