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While Fashion Week in itself may sound like a week long event, but you shouldn’t be surprised if I tell you that’s not the entirety of it.

There are other many interesting on-ground events and activities happening to keep you busy and posted of the latest developments in the Indian fashion scene. From product launches to media interaction, a lot happens.

I was invited to be a part of one such event organized by LIVA at the Liva lounge on 14th October. Liva was one of the key sponsors of FDCI’s Amazon India Fashion Week SS17 (12-16th Oct. 2016) and they organized a media interaction with the LIVA mentors and biggies. We were also a part of the Protégé Season 2 reveal.

Liva Protégé is a mission dedicated to the Indian fashion industry and will be launched in the month of December this year.

Powered by Liva – the new-age fabric from the house of Birla Cellulose, Liva Protégé aims to tap into the great Indian talent pool with a pan India hunt to ensure that the promising fashion designers in India get their rightful place under the sun, and help India keep shining across globally. After a successful season 1 last year, it’s time for season 2! All budding designers, keep yourself posted because you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Coming back to the event, all the Delhi bloggers who were invited were seated by around 4 p.m. and the event began with Freishia welcoming us all and talking about the brand. Later Mr. Manohar Samuel (President – Marketing at Liva) spoke about the fabric evolution, current market trends and importance of fabric. Mr. Nelson Jaffery (Design Head at Liva) further added his valuable insights on the fall, drapes, silhouette and the fluidity of Liva designs. He also mentioned how Liva works on design predictions and is two seasons in advance. Finally Naresh Batra (Head – Brand Communication) explained how we as women are fluid about the different roles we play and I couldn’t have agreed more on this.desktop25After the interaction with the LIVA mentors, Freishia introduced the Celebrity Panel who spoke about the different roles they play and how LIVA has blended in perfectly well with their lifestyle and roles.

  • Isha – The designer, the mother, the peaceful centre of her universe. She also gave quick fashion tips like how to style your scarf in five different ways.
  • Riddhima – The daughter, sister, mother, occasional model and frequent designer. She spoke about accessorizing an outfit well without going overboard about it.
  • Shy – The fashion choreographer, show director, busy bee and fashion know-it-all spoke about how LIVA is perfect for the whole fashion industry and not just the models.



After this a quick Q&A followed where Sunil Sethi (President – FDCI) joined them and talked about his personal experience with the fabric.


I myself wore a LIVA top I got from Lifestyle Stores. I loved how the fabric felt on me besides just the top being versatile. I can totally see me styling it in various ways for all kinds of occasions and purposes.






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