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For any woman, jewelry is an integral part of the everyday existence. No matter what the occasion is, the outfit we are wearing, or what age we are, we all end up donning at least one or two key pieces. While gold and diamonds hold their own special place, it gets tad difficult to wear something too extravagant on an every day basis, or even some casual outings. It only make sense to indulge in something beyond that. Something that caters to the volume of our closet and purposes and the myriad of roles we play. I myself am always on a lookout for jewelry brand which offers chic pieces at an affordable price to serve my day to day jewelry needs. I mean I can’t be walking out wearing just gold and diamond jewerly for anything and everything!

This is when I came across Doe & Deer. Doe & Deer offers a huge collection which practically has something for everyone. From dainty pieces suited for work wear to statement pieces for glamorous evenings, silver jewelry or ethnic pieces, doe & deer has it all. They have earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, neckpieces, rings and more. I had the opportunity to visit their office recently and check out the collection and experience it first hand. Besides just the designs, it’s the quality impressed me. I come across lot of accessory and jewelry brands who may offer good designs but somewhere the quality gets compromised. Like the stones would come out, or the wire or a leaf in the piece would just break or something and so on. Doe & Deer is about looks and quality both! I picked up a few pieces I liked the most to share with you guys here.

Here’s an outfit with some everyday wear pieces stacked up:

1 doe & deer

2 doe & deer

4 doe & deer


5 doe & deer


8 doe & deer





They also have a good variety of party wear pieces, one of my favourite from that collection:


Few more pieces that I liked at Doe & Deer:











To see more from Doe & Deer, you can check out their collection here:

Website          Facebook          Instagram

(Outfit Details: Zara Top, StalkBuyLove Skirt, Forever New Heels and Rolex Lady Datejust Watch)

I had a fun time shooting the look at Casbah, an elevate lounge at Westin Hyderabad. The mediterranean finger food with middle east ambience and some brilliant cocktails makes it one of my favourite places to chill in the evenings.


Hope you guys liked the post, do not forget to check out Doe & Deer latest pieces on their website!

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  1. madhuri

    August 12, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Very beautiful 🙂 i hope ur day was as beautiful !!

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