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It’s burning here in Hyderabad and I won’t be surprised if it hits 50 degrees soon here. Though Hyderabad never has winters, but the official summer means it’s going to get hotter and commands a wardrobe shift. If you follow me on Wooplr, you’d have noticed the transition in my everyday outfits already by now. I am opting for more easy, light fabrics, flowy silhouettes, tied up hair, minimal makeup but brighter lipstick!

But before I share a some summer tips, here’s what I have in mind for this summer for myself.

(p.s. tried an unconventional colour combination!)












(Outfit Details: Forever 21 Top & Earrings, Zara Culottes and Footwear, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Koovs Bracelets, Salvatore Ferragamo Bag)

Summer Tips


~ Go for easy natural fabrics, something your skin can breathe in. Cotton, linen, pima, supima work best, they absorb perspiration and release it too.

~ Avoid anything too fitted mostly for the sake of comfort, it makes you sweat more besides higher chances of prickly heat rash. You may also want to skip the padded bra, else, hello boob sweat <eww>

~ Avoid dark colours if venturing out in the sun especially because dark colours tend to absorb more heat. Moreover, sweat stains (if you get) are more visible in dark garments.

~ Go for bright colours, nothing like bright colours to cheer you up on a hot day!

~ Winters it is still okay to repeat a garment/rewear before a wash, but summers, definitely no! Even if you wore it just for a few hours, put it to wash immediately. Not just because of sweat stains or smell but it’s kind of not hygienic.

~ You can invest in tank tops, sleeveless, spaghetti tops, culottes, linen pants and tops, shorts, skirts, however you’re comfortable!

~ Invest in some good looking sunglasses, nothing beats a pair of kickass sunnies. However, make sure the sunglasses you pick come with good UV protection.

~ Minimum accessories is the key, it’s always a better idea to be tad fuss free. One or two key pieces, preferably sleek, should do the job.

~ It’s a fact that your feet swell a bit in hot weather, so you may want to keep that in mind while shoe shopping. Not to forget, pick summer friendly material and make.

~ Carry bags that won’t make you sweat. Like a backpack is going to make your back sweat, a hobo or a any bag carried around forearm makes your underarm or elbow joint sweat. No wonder, I am so into crossbody bags!


~ Stick to minimal makeup, no matter how much water proof or sweat proof your makeup is, it is still clogging your pores when your skin wants to sweat it out. This can cause breakouts! 

~ Sunscreen is a must! And not just for your face but all over.

~ Keep your makeup fresh, dewy, sun kissed for the day, nothing too loud however a bright lipstick looks good for sure.

~ It’s always best to keep your hair tied up. You can try high pony, high bun, braids, messy buns/braids and so.

~ Wash your hair frequently, as summer heat causes the scalp to sweat which further traps the dirt, clogs pores and can cause hair fall.

~ Try Multani Mitti and Neem packs, they work best for summer. You can also rub ice cubes all over the face, that helps me keep my pores in check.

~ Tea tree and aloe vera skincare products are good for regular use during summer.

~ You can’t and shouldn’t do without body scrubs in summer! As frequent as you use a scrub for your face, like 2 times a week.

~ Drink lots of water, at least 4 litres!

Hope these help you guys beat the heat!

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