The Mini Cooper Experience

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We all have certain cars we crush on. MINI Cooper S has always been that for me. I keep telling Shitiz how I want one with its signature sporty stripes. So when I got the opportunity to drive one, that too on Shitiz’s birthday week, I was more than thrilled. Shitiz never got my love for the MINI Cooper S, until now!




We decided to drive to Bharatpur and explore the city!

When we finally got the car, the first impression of course was the swanky, young, and the racing inspired exteriors. The color red added the perfect dash of fun element to it!


Also, did you know, the Mini Cooper offers customization to an extreme level such that only a handful in millions are probably the same looking. Exteriors or interiors, you can practically make your own car! Well, the perks of luxury!

Coming to the interiors. I am not a fan of plain looking basic interiors, be it dashboard to seats or anything. The interiors are a perfect blend of sporty aesthetics and modern design with a premium feel to it. Plus the interior front has this fighter jet look to its buttons and switches for power, cabin light, sunroof, traction control and more which looks super cool. I am not kidding, moment Shitiz saw it all up and close, he was like ‘Give me the keys, I am driving this’! 😀



The seating is very comfortable, the seats are 3 way adjustable and offer good reach for all the dashboard controls for the driver. I also liked how the seats are designed such as to provide adjustable support to the mid-thigh and knees which almost all cars lack. What also other cars lack is a navigation system and the mini cooper has a brilliantly accurate one. Whenever we are driving around we use Google Maps all the time, but with the Mini Cooper navigation system, we drove through some of the busiest and smallest roads in Haryana and Rajasthan but nowhere we got stuck or lost our way.




Further, when you are driving on such roads, you need a good control on the car right? The handling is extremely good and gives you a certain go-kart feeling that makes you want to push the pedal even further. Not to forget the cockpit-feel interiors as I mentioned above that you can sort of envisage youself in a fighter plane especially while speeding on a national highway or expressway. The engine is peppy even in the mid mode (MINI Cooper S has three modes: Green, Mid & Sports) and we did feel being pushed into the seat. This one for sure is a road-runner!


selected min


The sun roof added to the sass factor and the size of the sun roof is pretty commendable! Driving in night, under the moonlight and stars with the sun roof was pretty romantic too for us considering it was Shitiz’s birthday weekend!


We just enjoyed the whole ride. Being on the road, in that car, pretty amazing! We reached Bharatpur around late afternoon and headed straight to Bharatpur Fort and watched the sunset at its highest level around the Surajmal statue. Then we drove around the streets of Bharatpur, tasted some street food.




I was carrying my ipod and played my playlist throughout so we had some good music to accompany us all this while. The multimedia player is pretty intuitive (else I usually suck at it with most cars) and I could figure out how the thing works in few seconds. The Harman Kardon sound system blew me, literally! So it was fun listening to our favourite songs on such a great system for the whole trip.



We decided to stay back in the city for the night and push back to Delhi the next day. We stayed at Chandra Mahal Haveli, a heritage hotel in Bharatpur. It was a pretty cosy property to stay at. The food was good and the staff was very warm and hospitable. I would surely recommend staying there if you guys are planning for Bharatpur. The dinner was poolside with folk music playing the background. We celebrated Shitiz’s birthday at midnight on the property itself and spent some quality time there.






selected min1

Morning we got up pretty early and decided to drive around in the Mini Cooper and enjoy some fresh air! We even managed to click few ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge’ shots in the beautiful mustard fields 😀



IMG_1100 (1)

After spending some time at Bharatpur, we decided to push off to Delhi so we could celebrate Shitiz’s birthday with family back home. And soon we were back to listening our favourites songs, driving in that powerhouse of a car. By that time I knew Shitiz too fell for the car.



There’s one thing I must mention. Throughout the drive, almost everyone looked at the car in wonder. We even had couple of people ask what car is it when we stopped to have some food on the highway. The younger ones especially seemed fascinated. That kind of felt good. Now why wouldn’t you want to drive the MINI Cooper S as much as you can!

In case you guys are planning a trip to Bharatpur, let me help you with some of the places to see:

  • Bharatpur Fort
  • Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
  • Keoladeo National Park
  • Deeg Palace
  • Lohagarh Fort

The journey was a blast for both of us and despite of driving for hours for almost 2 days, we weren’t exhausted or tired with the driving.

The MINI Cooper S is perfectly suited for petrol heads who want something practical for weekdays and a monster for weekends, if you love to drive without having to compromise on the quality of ride and the luxury element, this is the car for you. You know it’s fun and luxury the moment you sit in it and when you do, all you want is to take it for a spin. As from how I see it as, it’s perfect for people with a taste for adventure and good things in life! I know I am surely getting one for myself whenever I can and now even Shitiz agrees to it! Now here’s to hoping I get one soon 😀

Here are a few more pictures:








(Outfit Details: Faux Leather Jacket and Grey Coat from Zara, Black Denims Only, Striped Top from Koovs, Black Wayfarer from Ray Ban, Sneakers both Adidas Originals, Blue Denims Tommy Hilfiger, Scarf from H&M, Tortoise Shell Wayfarer Prada & Rolex Lady Datejust Watch)

Hope this post helps you guys to know more about the Mini Cooper!

Much Love,


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