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VLCC Lovable Lips Review

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I am sucker for lipbalms and chapsticks! I have dry lips irrespective of the weathe so my love for lipbalms is also more like a need and I end up buying more and more balms. You’ll always find some lipbalm or a chapstick in my bag at any point of time. So when VLCC sent me their Lovable Lips Lipbalms I was excited to try these out.

I received these 5 VLCC Lovable Lips balms:

  1. VLCC Lovable Lips Honey
  2. VLCC Lovable Lips Peach
  3. VLCC Lovable Lips Orange
  4. VLCC Lovable Lips Rose
  5. VLCC Lovable Lips Cherry







(Top to bottom: Berry, Rose, Peach, Orange & Honey)

Each of these are for INR 125 and the packaging states that they are rich in jojoba oil, almond oil and Vitamin E. It also comes with SPF 15 and a bit of creamy sheen to it. All of these have a mild fragrance, pretty pleasant one.

I used all the 5 balms and loved the rose and cherry ones the most. All the 5 have some coloration but cherry and rose go best with my natural lip color. There have been days when I totally skipped wearing a lipstick and used either of the two while going out. Besides that, I have also been using these mixed with some matte lipsticks for a smoother feel and enhanced color. The stick glides easily on the lips though it doesn’t last long so you’ll have to keep re-applying. Overall it’s a nice budget friendly option for a lipbalm and I’d probably give it a 3-3.5/5 🙂

Hope you guys liked the post!

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