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VLCC Essential Skin Defense Kit Review

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VLCC is one of those Indian wellness, beauty and personal grooming brands which has made its mark on the global map. Personally, I have used couple of VLCC products on regular basis like sunscreen, de-tan, bleach and more.

With this post I’ll be reviewing the VLCC Essential Skin Defense Kit!

The VLCC essential skin defense kit consist of:

  1. Sandal Cleansing Milk (for cleansing)
  2. Rose Water Toner (for toning)
  3. Lavang Moisturiser (for moisturising) – The packaging mentions ‘Honey Moisturiser’ though

VLCC Essential Skin Defense Kit 1

VLCC Essential Skin Defense Kit 2

VLCC Essential Skin Defense Kit 3


Sandal Cleansing Milk

The 100 ml bottle worth INR 135 is suited for normal to oily skin. The cleanser is supposed to deep cleanse, nourish and remove all the traces of dirt and makeup and is meant for daily usage. Method of usage would be to take some amount of the cleansing milk and massage gently in circular motion over the face and neck with a cotton swab. The cleansing milk does help in removing the makeup, though with heavier makeup you’d need an extra effort. In case you are wearing some mascara, it may not be helpful with that. Further, it smells nice, gets absorbed quick and doesn’t leave any greasy sticky sensation. Considering the price, it does work as a good budget option for makeup removal.

VLCC Essential Skin Defense Kit 4

Rose Water Toner

Staying true to rose water properties, this rose water toner claims to tighten the pores and rejuvenate the skin. All you need to do is dab some on cotton swab and apply over your face and neck. Obviously it smells nice and feels fresh on the skin. This 100 ml bottle is priced at INR 125, again a pocket friendly product for all skin types.

VLCC Essential Skin Defense Kit 5

Lavang Moisturiser

Now the outer packaging mentions the 3rd step/product to be ‘Honey Moisturiser’ however I got ‘Lavang’ (Clove) Moisturiser, not really sure what happened there!

Anyway, about the Lavang moisturiser, I know about clove having anti bacterial properties but haven’t seen it in any moisturiser so I was quite curious about this one. The Lavang mosituriser claims to be rich in neem and clove oil extract which is supposed to keep acne and sebum secretion in check. I did a patch test on the back of my hand. The strong clove smell was a bit put off and then there was this constant itching and burning sensation. I tried it again on my other hand the next day, same reaction and with some redness this time. To double check, I asked Shitiz to apply some on the back of his hand. Even he wasn’t much of a fan of the strong clove aroma and had the same burning and itching sensation. I have a very sensitive skin so I didn’t try it on face after that. If you still want to try it out, the 100 ml bottle is for INR 135.

VLCC Essential Skin Defense Kit 6

Overall, minus the moisturiser, the kit is a good pocket friendly buy for daily cleansing and toning. For mosituriser, you may want to check out their honey moisturiser.

Hope the review helps you guys!

Much Love,


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