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If you guys follow me on social media, you’d know I recently did a #24HoursInTheCity in Hyderabad with a friend and fellow blogger Al Claudius of Bowties And Bones.

So I have known Al for a while now but unfortunately we never got to hang out together as we would only get to see each other at fashion weeks and you know how it gets there!

So while I was working on the details of #24HoursInTheCity campaign, I though why not ask Al. I mean he’s just an hour and half hour away (that is by flight of course) and while we hang out he’ll get to see the city! I texted him asking if he’d be game for it and he was all in.

Few days later, he was here in Hyderabad and we were chilling and riding across the city, all in 24 hours!

Al had an early morning flight to Hyderabad from Bangalore, so we picked him up from the airport and headed straight to Pemalty Box Cafe at Oro Sports Village, somewhere around the outskirts of city. It’s a very new place and still partially under construction, but the place definitely has a vibe. Also the cafe is over a pond. We had some coffee and muffins to get started with the day.



Then we drove around the city to our next destination.


Because, when in a car, you always click a selfie 😛


We reached Chowmahallah Palace. People often have Golkonda, Hussain Sagar, Salarjung, Birla Temple and other places on their travel list but not this place. Not many people who’re not from Hyderabad know about it, but it’s a must visit!


By the time we got done with Chowmahallah Palace we were hungry and headed over to have some Biryani, as I had promised Al.

We went to Tabla, one of my favourite places for Biryani. Paradise is overrated and bad, others may give you names like Shadab, Cafe Bahaar, but you can’t really sit at those places and have a meal at least for the sake of ambiance, as a woman, I would never go there to sit and eat. I have tried the Biryani too there, nothing that impressive honestly. 

So we went to Tabla, ordered some Biryani and Gongura Chicken, an Andhra delicacy plus a couple of beers!


Post lunch, we went to the rooftop lounge, at Tabla itself, and enjoyed the sunset chilling, chatting, clicking pictures and enjoying our beers.



After spending the evening at Tabla, we came over to my place to freshen up a bit and get ready to party!


We headed to Pier 33, a lake side lounge that opened up recently, to have (more) beers and dance to the music!IMG_7373

For dinner, the snacks at Pier 33 couldn’t suffice us so we headed to Fusion 9 at Inorbit Mall, which also overlooks the same lake as Pier 33, just from the opposite side. We has a good dinner there followed by an ice-cream each at Cream Stone. So here’s this thing about Cream Stone, if you visit Hyderabad, you have to have an ice cream here!


By the time we finished off our ice-cream, it got pretty late at night and was time to head back home as Al had an early morning flight in just few hours.

We surely did a lot in those #24HoursInTheCity

(Outfit Details: Al & I, are both wearing all outfits from Lee)

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!

Much Love,


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