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There’s this funny thing about being a beginner in the fitness journey. You want to be regular, but it’s like the whole universe is against your big whole get fit plan, know what I mean (pun intended).

So, now being a beginner myself, and the universe being just universe, is obviously not working in my favour. I have been traveling so much, be it work or personal trips that it’s been hard to keep up. In last one month, I have been to Jaipur, Delhi, and Hong Kong-Macao. So you know, more than running on the track, I am running around at airports.

I am aiming for a 10k run in December and I need to buck up!

So am I keeping up with my fitness plan?

Yes and No.

Let’s start with the No part first.

I don’t have a dedicated hour to do my walk-jog. Forget being on field, I haven’t been on treadmill much either this month. Thanks to travelling, meals have been, much to the mercy of hotels and local restaurants, quite a bit junk. Also, not to forget the occasional (or maybe more than occasional) sessions of beers and wines, because, hello it’s #VacayMode. My fitness gear feels tad ignored.

About the Yes part, my fitbit tells me, while traveling, on an average, I am walking 7 km every day. One of the days in Hong Kong, I walked some 12 kms and burned 3k+ calories, sounds good enough? Irrespective of the junk I eat, I don’t go overboard. The goal I have set on my fitness band and app. says I am still pretty much on track. I have also managed to wear some of my fitness outfits as regular clothes. Running shoes to Disneyland, sports bras as crop tops or tanks. Well #ThingsFashionBloggersDo ..haha!

But there has to be something that can be done to make things better. So here’s what last one month of travelling has taught me:

  • At least one dedicated hour every alternate day needs to be worked out for working out.
  • I need to start switching to fruits and salads once in a while, instead of junk all day.
  • As far as alcohol is concerned, I need to regulate the amount and opt for something like wine over beer or those cocktails full of calories.
  • Stay motivated!
  • Considering running is the most convenient way to stay fit, even while traveling, because all you need is a field or worst case a treadmill, it is easier to stick to running than anything else.

If there’s something that works for any of you guys to stay on track and be regular with your work outs even while traveling, then please do share! I am also open to adding useful points from you guys with proper credits in my articles, because, after all, the idea is to get fit together!

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