Shine Bright Like A Diamond

There are times and occasions that demand dressing up a bit. While the whole ‘statement jewellery’ trend is much in vogue, there’s nothing like playing with some dainty, delicate pieces which add the right amount of elegance and chic quotient to any outfit.

Further, when it comes to jewellery, no doubt Indian women hold a special fascination for gold and diamonds. All our festivities and celebrations are incomplete without throwing some fancy gold and diamond jewels on!

While festivals demand for heavy, bold and bulkier pieces of jewellery, casual occasions and everyday outings call for lighter, delicate yet chic enough pieces. Moreover, when it comes to everyday jewellery, you don’t want to spend a bomb either on every piece of jewellery.

As a married woman myself, I am always looking for gold and diamond jewellery pieces I can wear on a regular basis, that not just go with Indian and western outfits both but also don’t cost me a bomb! While exploring for something for myself, I came across Radiant Bay.

Radiant Bay is an online jewellery store with a well curated selection of earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. Browsing the site, I came across a collection which seemed apt for a modern woman like me, something timeless and yet goes well with the modern aesthetics. I could very well find pieces I can wear on everyday basis, be it with an Indian or western outfit. And looking at the pricing, all I can say is that considering the fact that the products are pocket-friendly, the overall shopping experience is more fun and spontaneous rather than your regular ‘buying gold & diamond jewellery’ experience which can be unnerving.

Of course, when you get diamonds at a cheaper price than usual, you have your own set of doubts about the quality. I had mine too but the good people at Radiant Bay told me the secret behind the affordability. There’s no middleman, from designing to making, everything is in-house! And it gets better, the gold is hallmarked by (BIS) Bureau of Indian Standards and diamonds are certified by European Gemological Laboratory.

My overall shopping experience with Radiant Bay was good with prompt service from jewellery consultants, who even offer you customized products when needed. Then the transactions were pretty smooth such that all transactions for any order placed, phone or online, are highly protected and secure.

I picked few pieces from Radian Bay and styled them. Here I have stacked multiple pieces for a glam look, while for everyday purpose; you can just stick to wearing one or two pieces at a time.

Here are the pictures:















(Outfit Details: Culottes & Top both Zara, Heels from Intoto, Watch from Armani)

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