Ground Zero

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In today’s world, I believe, there are two kinds of people; one who work out sincerely and the other who ‘want to but don’t have the time’.

I sort of have been in the second category all this while to be honest. Not having the time, to work out, or get fit.

But is it about just not having time, is it? I think what people in the second category don’t have is motivation!

More than time, I think I too lacked motivation all this while. Though my metabolism has been generous enough, that despite of PCOS for last eleven years, I have managed to stay within my normal BMI range but deep down I know I am not fit. I have been into sports while I was in school but it’s been almost a decade to it. Post school, I would sporadically work out or hit the gym, even yoga, but nothing for more than two or three months. I would be back to being lazy enough to take my body for granted.

Further, being a foodie, I don’t believe in diets either and my food habits have been pretty erratic too!

Basically, I am in for trouble health wise pretty soon.


I need discipline.

I need motivation.


Why I am penning down all this here, because you guys have been a constant support as readers. And while I have recently decided to take up running, from ground zero, I need support of you all to keep me on track, literally.

I want to document my fitness journey, achievements and even failures (hope not too many) here on a monthly basis to encourage more people like me and to get encouraged in return. I want you all to join my journey and help me stay true to my regime and be a part of it too if possible!

Now why running? I won’t get to the technical part as to why running is a good option to get and stay fit, I’ll save that for sometime later.



I am not a gym person, I realized that long ago. If I have to sweat it out, I would rather sweat it out in the open. That’s the reason I would enjoy sports, mostly field sports, while I was in school. So running seems to be something I think I can do. Plus considering I keep traveling so often, running is something I know I can keep up with. But most of it all, now that I have been trying to pick some, I am still in my walk-jog-walk-jog phase, but I find it relieving. It’s a stress buster, no kidding!

While I am still a beginner, I hope to stick to it. And so I plan to document everything here for your constant support and encouragement, and if you can, do share your fitness journey and regime with me. Let’s get fit together, one day at a time!


Much Love,


1 Comment

  1. Shilpa Shetty

    September 28, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    Waaw,.. Yes, Even I’m almost in the same phase,. I used to gym alot and even I was the one who use to be in all the run/marathon in my city. But due to an accident, I hurt my backbone and all the fitness and other activities took backseat 🙁 . Now even I want to get fit and your posts will motivate me too,…

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