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I still vaguely remember discovering Wooplr over two and a half years ago. Anmol, a friend of mine told me about it. Trust me, she’s not impressed by anything and everything, and so when she told me about Wooplr, I had to check it out and register. I was surely one of the initial users. I would share my recommendations, be it food, accessories, clothes or even beauty items on the desktop version then. Plus, it also helped me discover new things, like even places to shop and eat in the city, considering I had just moved to Hyderabad.

Coming to today, the Wooplr team has grown in terms of team members and even the work they do and how Wooplr can impact us on day to day basis. Wooplr has now launched a mobile app, making things for you and me even more convenient!


Let me tell you more about the Wooplr app:

Being the first fashion discovery app with the fastest growing community of shoppers, Wooplr helps you explore and decide what to buy and where to shop based on interests, location and social circle. As for the sellers, it lets the stores and sellers connect with potential buyers and showcase their collection and products! Basically, it helps us unify online and local commerce into a single point engagement for the users.

Imagine, so much to discover and explore, just a tap on the screen away!

I like it for the fact, that you have real people sharing their unbiased experience with a product or service, makes it easier to trust the recommendations.  Plus it helps you to shop the similar, if not the same product online!

As far as the team is concerned, one look at the member board and you’ll see all young, fresh and dynamic faces you know you can relate too. No wonder Wooplr is such a cool app!

Besides just sharing and exploring recommendations, you also get to make points that you can redeem while shopping. Now why wouldn’t you be on Wooplr already?!

I am on Wooplr, check out my profile and don’t forget to follow me for my daily recommendations and more, woop woop!

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(Find me here on Wooplr: Click)

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