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If you have watched the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’, you’d probably know how Barney Stinson always had ‘The Guy’ for anything he needed. Be it for plumbing, fixing his TV or getting his laundry done, Barney would always call his guy and get things done!

Don’t you wish you too had a guy who’s just a call away for anything you need! Dance lessons to kitchen cleaning, wedding planners to business consultants, all you need is a phone in your hand?

Well then let me introduce you to UrbanClap!

UrbanClap is an online platform that connects you to the service professionals for any kind of services you’d need. Whether you are looking for salon services, a wedding photographer, plan your kid’s birthday party or get a personal trainer, UrbanClap is the ultimate destination for all service needs.

UrbanClap currently works as a website that is both mobile and desktop friendly. Its mobile app version has launched recently in April 2015. The platform is currently operating in 10 service categories, a number which is expected to grow tremendously by the end of this year while also aiming to make its presence felt strongly across all major cities in the country.

UrbanClap uses technology and smart processes to structure the highly unorganised services market in India. It aspires to make hiring a service professional as easy and straightforward as buying a product from a top e-commerce marketplace. The business model is based on the premise of charging the listed professionals for the business they get through the platform.

Founded by IIT and UC Berkley grads in 2014, the company was incepted with the passion of solving large problems in India. The idea was to help consumers find the best services easily and provide the large base of individuals/small businesses with a platform to manage and grow their business.

Based on a few simple, intuitive questions and without any phone calls, customers get ready access to a list of service providers who are just ideal to meet their specific requirements. The professionals then offer proposals that include detailed quotes, work portfolios and reviews. The two parties can chat and quickly work out the most suitable arrangement. Besides just using UrbanClap to get services, you can even register yourself as a service provider and it will help you connect with potential clients. Isn’t it perfect?!

What you need to do is download the app (download here) and start using it! The app is up and running for Android users and one for iOS users will be out soon!

As far as pricing is concerned, since it connects you directly with service providers, the charges for services you’re seeking, are similar to what you’d get in the market yourself, hence pricing is not an issue.

Here’s a quick guide on how to book a service on UrbanClap (like if you’re trying to book a Yoga instructor):

Select City -> Browse Category -> Select category -> Answer questions -> Submit Request -> See profiles of service providers who have reverted -> Confirm service provider ->Manage projects (in case of multiple bookings). 

Here are the screenshots to help you understand better:


Image 1

Image 2


Image 4

Image 5

image 6

and you’re done!

I used the app myself when I was in Delhi last month. Since I have an iPhone, I used my brother’s phone (which is an Android). I had to go for a dinner and needed some grooming services. I downloaded the app on my brother’s phone, registered his number and then browsed through various service options and finally got the salon services option. Next came up a list of salon/ grooming services to opt for further followed by category and pricing I would like to go for. I even booked the time slot once I was through with the service order. The salon lady was on time and I got my mani-pedi done. Easy right?! It was overall a nice experience and more than that, it’s about convenience! My mom too liked the whole concept; she’s actually planning to go for some home cleaning services now that my brother has the app already!

So next time you need any kind of service, all you need is UrbanClap!

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