Coorg Diaries: Part 2

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Hey guys! So this post is in continuation of my previous post (also as the title suggests, part 2) on my recent Coorg getaway. So here it goes..

Day 3 & 4

On day 3, we decided to go for Nature Walk in the morning, which was complimentary in our package as mentioned in my previous post. It was around 10 a.m., so after we had some filling breakfast, we went for the Nature’s Walk. Though we already had explored the resort pretty much by ourselves in the first two days of our stay, it was nice to have someone talk about the flora and fauna.

After the walk we decided to go to the spa and get ourselves a massage appointment for the evening, as we had planned to go for the River & Forest Trek in the afternoon. Trek followed by Swedish body massage, sounds perfect right?!

And that’s exactly what we did, had lunch, watched some TV, got ready for the Forest & River Trek, spent two and a half hours trekking, came back, went for the massage!

About the Trek: It was some serious good fun, we crossed river, climbed up rocks, jumped and a lot of interesting stuff. If you do go to Amanvana, do not miss the trek. Kids are usually not allowed as at times you’d have to cross river as high as 4-5 ft. And all that jumping around from one rock to another, may be little difficult for kids, and it get slippery too. Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures from the trek as obviously, we weren’t carrying our phones or camera.

The day ended with us enjoying our dinner and drinks, it was our last night there and we were already missing it all!

Next day our cab was supposed to arrive at 12 noon, so we got up little early & went for a walk, to enjoy the serenity one last time followed by breakfast. Soon after the breakfast our cab arrived and we headed for Bangalore. We reached Bangalore around 6 p.m. and checked in at Ramada. We had plans to stay for the night and catch up with some friends. We had some great dinner at Leela Palace’s Zen, an Asian cuisine restaurant. Next day we had our flight back to Hyderabad around late evening so we explored the city a bit and had our lunch at Cafe Mangii where they had Fondue Festival going on. If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve already seen all these updates there 🙂

Now coming back to Coorg, here are the pictures (mix of phone & camera pics) from day 3 & bit of day 4:


Our bungalow’s pond, this particular frog would barely move..


Off for Nature Walk [Outfit Details: Top from Koovs, Lowers Adidas Originals, Forever 21 Espadrilles]




Picking a spot to sit for breakfast…


Too lazy for brekky time!


Of course all that walking got me real hungry!


The Pool



For bonfire at night




What I wore for lunch [Outfit Details: Noble Faith Top, Zara Shorts, Forever 21 Flats, Ray Ban Clubmasters, Michael Kors Watch, Accessories from Jabong]


My camera shy lunch date 😛


It rained a bit while we were having our lunch, the weather just got better!


Got ready for Forest and River Trek [Outfit Details: Forever 21 Hoodie, Puma Tights & Shoes]


After the trek, headed for the spa!


Spa’s entrance/reception area


Shower time after the spa 😀


The sight above!


Of late evenings & lights!


Changed for dinner, clicked couple of selfies while Shitiz was changing 😀 [Outfit Details: Rita Ora for Adidas Originals Hoodie, Forever 21 Denim Shorts]


Next morning, some Coorg coffee, cosy corner and a pretty sight with birds chirping!


Last walk by the riverside, couldn’t help but click few pictures and selfies! P.S. I woke up like this 😛



Our last meal at Amanvana!


Rabbit hole for the sole? Indeed!


Time to go! [Outfit Details: Forever 21 Top, Tommy Hilfiger Denims, LV Neverfull Bag, Prada Baroque Sunnies]

Food: Since our package included all meals, we had buffet throughout. The food was good, quality and taste wise both. We had around 10-12 meals there and there was no repetition in the main course dishes or even soups and salads. They had North Indian, South Indian & Continental options with live counters available too. Local dishes were also available.

Service: The staff was warm and friendly, service was good, only that it was bit slow. Rest all good!

Best time to plan would be during weekdays, as around weekend the resort is full of families and kids! I mean, I am speaking so from a young couple’s perspective. You’ll find the pool full of kids and families (including kids’ grandparents) around the pool, which may get tad odd if you want to wear a bikini to the pool, it’s still India and not even Goa! We were there during weekdays, so had lesser crowd and all young couples around 🙂

 You can check out my previous post on Coorg here- Coorg Diaries: Part 1

Much Love,


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