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Do you know how tiring it can get to receive same old cliched gifts from friends and family?

Irrespective of the occasion, Diwali or Wedding, moving to a new house or Birthday, people end up gifting the same old photo frames/ cookware/ crockery / bedding sets etc. I myself am beginning to lose the count of dinner or glass sets I have now. Phew!

But do we really have any other option? Yes, we do.

There’s no rocket science involved in coming up with unique gifting ideas. All it takes is a little bit of effort- effort to pick something based on his or her choices, preferences and taste.

While some people are beginning to prefer shopping vouchers over gifts, I am still not convinced with the idea of gifting loved ones with gift vouchers, there’s no personal touch to it.

While living away from family in a different city does rob you of most easy opportunities to send them gifts, here in Hyderabad I’m glad I have a few friends who are no less than family to me.

My bestie from school is here and she and her husband recently got themselves a new house. It was indeed a special occasion for her, after all it’s not every day that you buy a new house and make it home. Such special occasions call for special gifts! I wanted to get her something which she didn’t have already and would actually use.

For starters I tried to figure out what she had and what she didn’t. And basis that, what she could perhaps add to her new home.

Initially I visited a couple of physical stores but could only see usual banal stuff. Finally I sat down with my laptop to look for something online and ended up on Flipkart. The Home & Kitchen Store on Flipkart is seriously good!

Visiting ten different stores, from the kitchen appliance store to the housing accessory store, craft show pieces to gadgets, is not only a laborious and time consuming exercise, it is almost impossible to scan all available options. However on Flipkart, you get everything possible at just a click, without compromising on quality or cost- and that too at much better deals. Physical store are no match to Flipkart, there I just said it.

Their Home Store deserves a special mention. It has six sections; Home Furnishing, Home Décor, Kitchen & Dining, Tools & Hardware, Kitchen Appliances and Home Appliances

The user interface is very neat and crisp and with all the requirements from the perspective of a homemaker falling under one umbrella, it paves way for a super smooth user experience!

From vintage boutique to bath accessories, posters to power tools, unique to regular home & kitchen items, you get it all. I didn’t have to think too much to be honest on what to gift. With so many options, I was literally spoiled for choice!  Waffle maker, fancy looking cook wares and serving dishes, bar sets, tandoors, pretty home accessories and so many other things.

Finally I decided to go for an Electronic Barbecue and a customized Bar Set.

Like me, my friend also likes to host a lot of house parties. While I knew she has everything possible for her kitchen and house, a bar set and barbecue seemed pretty unique and useful. I can already imagine all of us enjoying barbecue brunches or scotch nights on weekends!

To make a customized bar set, I ordered:

Whiskey Glass Set




7 Piece Bar Set




5 Piece Bar Set





Barbecue Set



One other key element as far as user experience is concerned is ‘Delivery’. I was more than happy and satisfied with their service- swift and hassle free. They regularly updated me with the status of my shipment, through SMS and email, so I never had to bother myself with tracking the products.

Now coming to the main point if my friend liked the products or not: She absolutely loved the little addition I had for her home. She liked the fact that I actually got something unique yet very useful. I told her about the Home Store on Flipkart and she has been hooked to it since then!

If you’re planning to get something for your friends and family and are bored of gifting them the usual stuff, please do check out the Flipkart’s Home Store and I’m sure you’ll look nowhere else!

Share your experience about Flipkart with me here if you have shopped with them 🙂

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  1. Pallavi Ruhail

    April 14, 2015 at 5:54 pm

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Kamlesh

    April 14, 2015 at 5:07 pm

    This is really brilliant. Every single word is really heart touching.

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