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Lipsticks am loving and not !

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I was never really into makeup till I got married. The only ‘Makeup’ I would indulge myself in was some BB cream, a coloured gloss or a very subtle lipstick (on special occasions), liner and mascara (again on occasions).

I still remember I had a tough time building up a Vanity Kit for myself post engagement as I was completely clueless about everything ! I was always into clothes and fashion but makeup and beauty was never really my forte. I literally had to text/ mail/ ask around people for help and finally a makeup artist at MAC store (Delhi) came to my rescue.

After I got married and had my products from the Vanity Box, I started experimenting with things. I would browse through stuff online, watch videos, read magazines, basically anything that could possibly provide more insights haha !

Now after two years, I won’t say I have mastered the art, but I know enough to do what looks good on me or works best for me. More than that, I don’t shy away from makeup, my inhibitions are gone.

I know a lot of you are still not into makeup, that’s ok, I have been there too. It’s always a personal choice at the end of the day. But there’s a difference between ‘I don’t like makeup’ and ‘I don’t know how to use it and if it’ll look good on me or not’. If you belong to the former category, I respect your choice, and ‘not liking makeup’ is as normal as ‘liking makeup’. Yes.

But if you aren’t sure how makeup will make you look and if that is what is stopping you to try some, I’d suggest don’t shy away from trying, seek help if you need 🙂

Now in last two years, I have sort of developed a thing for lipsticks. I may not be very vocal about my love for lipsticks, but it’s there for sure in a pretty big way. I have around fifty lipsticks, not sure if that’s a normal number or if I am being a hoarder !

Here in this post, I am going to share the ones I am currently loving (and use and abuse) the most and ones am not really loving.

Starting with the lipsticks I love the most, first let me tell you what a tough time I had picking ‘favourites’, but I did try my best. A lot of you keep asking me on Instagram and Twitter about my lipstick collection or which ones I like the most and would recommend using, here are my favourites from my personal stock, in no particular order.

(P.S. This is going to be a long post !)

Lipsticks I am loving:

MAC Capricious: It’s more like brownish nude shade with a tinge of maroon. Since I don’t exactly have very light coloured lips, this works perfectly as an everyday lipstick for me. I think it’s a very underrated shade.


MAC Girl About Town & Speak Louder: Two of my favourite pinks from MAC, while Girl About Town is a pretty popular shade, Speak Louder is again tad underrated. It’s subtle yet brighter than Girl About Town, I like it more than MAC’s Impassioned & Candy Yum Yum, other popular pinks by MAC. But again it’s a personal choice, I have those two shades as well at home, just not in my ‘top favourites’ list 🙂


L’oreal Pure Amaranthe: Since we are talking about pinks, this L’oreal shade is a recent discovery and am totally obsessed with it. It’s from L’oreal’s Pure Reds Star Collection, Gong Li shade. It’s more like a neon pink, not really sure why in ‘Pure Reds’, but the shade is love !


L’oreal Pure Garnet: I wore this for the first time on Shitiz’s b’day and posted a selfie on Instagram, within five minutes I had at least ten comments asking me which lipstick is this. Also from L’oreal’s Pure Reds Start Collection, this Sonam Kapoor shade is the perfect oxblood shade you can ask for !


MAC Viva Glam 1: I love this particular lipstick, it’s like the perfect maroon. It’s a limited edition lipcolour by Rihanna and the money made from the sales went to a charity. Makeup for good cause, yes why not ?! 😀


MAC Riri Woo: Another limited edition by Rihanna for MAC, it’s same as Ruby Woo if you ask me. I prefer this as party or night out red.


MAC Chilli: As I mentioned above, I prefer wearing Riri Woo for evening or special occasions, Chilli is more like a day wear red for me, it’s like a brick red shade. People may debate for Russian Red to be a better option, but I prefer Chilli as it’s not really in-your-face-red.


Chanel Rouge Coco Cambon: If Pink and Red have a baby, this is what it’ll look like. I love the colour for sheer versatility. It’s my go-to colour to glam up any outfit !


MAC Rebel: Another must have from MAC, the colour is a deep purple shade with a bit of pink hue to it. Another one for a glamorous look and rebellious indeed !


Bobbi Brown Soft Rose: It’s more like coral and can go with almost anything ! Whenever in doubt, this is the colour I end up picking and dabbing some on my lips. And no, it’s not just for day, I recently wore this for my anniversary dinner date and it looked really awesome with my LWD and some smokey eyes !


Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve: Because we all need a perfect nude lipstick, this one’s mine. Check it out in case you’re looking for one for yourself, this may just be the right shade for you too !


Soft Rose Vs. Pale Mauve


Chambor Silk Touch 673: I am not really into browns, but if I do have to use one, this is the one I like the most, it’s like a perfect brown with subtle hint of coffee.


MAC So Chaud: It took me a while to try an Orange shade and now I am obsessed with this one. I personally find it better than Morange. Very sassy !


So these are my favourites from all the lipsticks I have, I can totally vouch for the quality too. As for the shades, I will still suggest try it on before you buy because the same lipstick tends to look a little different on different people.

I am more of MAC person because it’s easily available and if I run out of a particular shade I know I can re-stock it easily. But with MAC a lot of people have a doubt if the shades look the same, so for all the MAC lipsticks I have listed above, the picture below may help to clear things up at least for these shades:


(a) Capricious (b) So Chaud (c) Chilli (d) Riri Woo (e) Viva Glam 1 (f) Rebel (g) Girl About Town (h) Speak Louder.

I don’t buy too many coloured lip glosses unless something is really nice and catches my fancy. I have some 8-10 coloured lipgloss, out of which these three are my favourite:

Givenchy Gloss Interdit 15, MAC Riri Woo Gloss and L’oreal Glam Shine Fiji Flirt


Lipsticks I am not loving:

Sephora Rouge Shine No 24: Despite of the fancy packing and a perfect party pink shade with a hint of glitter, problem is it melts ! It was fine for initial one or two months but now I have to keep it in fridge. Not worth putting your 900 bucks in it, I’d say buy something from MAC in that price.


Maybelline 14 Hour Stay Lipsticks in any shade: I have it in three shades mentioned in the picture below, my mistake I bought all these together instead of trying one first and then buying the others (lesson learnt!). They are way too dry in the name of matte. Even if you do manage to use it, you have these funny tiny lipstick clots all over your lips after an hour or two though the colour still persists, so much for 14 hour stay. I use it either with my Body Shop Translucent Balm or a bit of gloss if I have to.


Maybelline Bold Matte Mat 4: I love the colour and the texture is pretty nice too however, it’s become bit gooey after few months of purchase. Now I can’t really use it without a brush !


(MAC lipsticks range from 990-1500 INR, Chanel and Bobbi Brown range around 2300 plus, L’oreal Pure Reds are 995 INR each, Chambor around 600-700 INR)

Hope you guys liked the post and all that I shared here based on my personal experience.

Do share your views via comments here and if you guys do like it, let me know and I’ll do something similar for my other makeup products and skincare regime too 🙂

Also, don’t forget to share your YAY and NAY lipsticks too here !!

Much Love,



  1. Pallavi Ruhail

    April 7, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Ashni Khandelwal

    April 7, 2015 at 2:43 pm

    It’s NYX matte in Alabama

  3. Pallavi Ruhail

    April 7, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    oh nice ! do share 🙂

  4. Ashni Khandelwal

    April 7, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    There’s a dupe for viva glam 1 finally found it.

  5. Pallavi Ruhail

    March 15, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    Problem is am not convinced with the quality easily and that sort of does happen with a lower budget esp. when I have sensitive skin, however I do keep mentioning some on my instagram now & then 🙂

  6. Pallavi Ruhail

    March 15, 2015 at 5:58 pm

    Thank you 🙂

  7. Appu

    March 4, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    I still remember the way I fell in love with your lipstick when we met..The very next week, I got that one.. It is Chili and I am so in love with this.

  8. Somya Khandelwal

    March 1, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    You must do such posts frequently. Have u tried all fried up from mac? Its such a lovely color also i swear by flat out fabulous. I feel they both are must have. My next buy has to be pure garnet as i am actually going gaga about that one after ur instagram post. Love it.. also i quite liked 14 hr stay lipstick coz m totally a matt person. They do dry a bit but goes well with a lipbalm.

  9. Jasmin

    March 1, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    I agree about the Maybelline 14hr colour stay. Those lipsticks do weird things. Also, All the lipsticks you reviewed are high end ones. Could you maybe do a post on some cheaper ones? I’m new to lipsticks. So still vary of spending too much on them.

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