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If you know me, you’d know about my obsession with phone cases. I need to have at least ten options at any point of time.

I have this thing that I need to change them as per my mood, occasion, or wherever I am at, office or a lounge, or even at home sipping coffee and just chilling for that matters. I just can not stick to one phone case for too long. To me these are more like an accessory for the phone, perfect way to style my favourite gadget while also speaking about my mood or purpose for the day.

I bought iPhone 6 few months back so whatever collection, yes collection, of phone cases I had built up for my previous phone, was rendered useless. I had been looking for new ones for a while now and that’s when I got to know about Daily Objects, an e-portal offering comprehensive and customized range of Gadgets, Car, Office, Travel and Personal Grooming accessories by artists around the world. You should check their website out, you’ll love the designs and not to forget the wide range of variety they offer !



I received few phone cases of my choice from Daily Objects to try out and I am loving these. I have tried out so many brands and websites for phone cases by now that I can practically tell how good a phone case is and how long will it last just by the look of it. It’s commendable how Daily Objects has come up with the perfect balance of creativity and quality. The material used for cases is good (read the quality of material is good) and the print doesn’t come off on scratching.

Only one small thing, it doesn’t cover the phone fully at top and bottom (the sides I mean) so for someone like me, who drops her phone way too often, this might be a small problem. Nonetheless, the designs make up for it, guess I need to be more careful with my phone now !

I picked a few cases, each reflecting a different mood as depicted below in the pictures.

Starting with this cute yellow case with Vespa made on it, which I had on my phone for the spa trip yesterday:

vespa cover





(Outfit Details: Koovs Top, Tommy Hilfiger Denims, Cape, Espadrilles & Neckpiece from Forever 21, Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses, Michael Kors Selma Bag, Armani Watch)

After I got back home, we decided to go for lunch as I wasn’t really in the mood to cook. I changed up quick, got ready and of course, changed my phone case too. Managed to click few pictures too, hehe 😀











(Outfit Details: Top & Boyfriend Denims from Forever 21, Heels from River Island, Ray Ban Clubmasters, Globus Earrings )

And there’s more :

Something for the love of music


While chilling at home, reading magazines & nibbling on chocolates


 Something for a party night


 Something for office too


 A romantic date, yes please


The site is a one-stop place for cases for all gadgets catering to people with all kinds of taste and sensibilities ! Planning to get some customized cases now for friends and family soon now !!

Hope you guys liked the post, share your experience with Daily Objects if you have tried the site and their cases.

Much Love,





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    March 24, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    I simply could not go away from your website, I extremely enjoyed the information and will wait for your next post !

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