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I have been married for over a year now and being an Indian married woman, there are things which have become a part of me and who I am. Jewellery is one such thing and when I say jewellery I mean gold & silver ornaments, precious and semi-precious stones.

I have grown up seeing my mom’s fondness for gold ever since I was a kid and since my own marriage, wearing some amount of jewels all the time has become a must. Tradition you may call it, but yes that’s a fact. I make sure I have some gold jewellery on me all the time, even if I go to work or even a mall. The difference being, for work I prefer something sleek and lighter while on festive occasions I don’t shy away from getting my gold-bling on!

Today’s post is about work-friendly, day wear, light jewellery for women like me. The idea is to have multiple light options, to wear different chains or pendant sets or earrings on different days and with different outfits to office or even college, something for our regular and non-festive days. Something which doesn’t come across as being too bold or gives a decked-up look but is sophisticated and sleek yet (obviously) pocket-friendly considering the fact we need to have multiple options for everyday 

Minawala is a well-known and trusted brand which has been a part of a lot of Indian women lives for 3 consecutive generations. Letting women reflect their personality and express their innermost self through jewels has been their ideology which explains the wide range of designs, to suit each need and occasion.

This is one brand I trust myself and thus couldn’t help share it with my readers. They have a wide variety of collection of jewels to cater every segment and need. From the magnificent party wear collection “Queen’s Jewels” to the exquisite diamond creations in “L.A. 1950’s” to the futuristic designs of “Space Odyssey” collection and much more. Every piece is a work of art and crafted in-house and available exclusively at their stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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It’s no surprise that Minawala has been covered in the editorial section of several magazines like Vogue, Verve, L’Officiel, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Conde Nast Traveller, etc. both national and international editions. Not just that, their jewels have been donned by Bollywood &Hollywood actors on screen and off screen – Kajol, Freida Pinto, Anushka Sharma to name a few.

Talking about work-friendly and day wear sleek jewellery, these are the few items I like the most from Minawala’s collection:


jewellery minawala best lifestyle blog top lifestyle blogger best indian blog


 jewellery minawala best lifestyle blog top lifestyle blogger best indian blog

Chain/Pendants and Pendant Sets:

jewellery minawala best lifestyle blog top lifestyle blogger best indian blog

The versatile designs go not just with Indian outfits but also with western, be it formals & casuals. The sophisticated designs are a best-buy not just for self but also to gift someone close, after all, diamonds (and gold!) are a girl’s best friend.

So next time you plan to buy some jewellery,  I’d suggest going to Minawala first and rest things assured, their designs and quality will definitely impress you !

(To check out Minawala’s latest collection and other details: Click here)

Few things to keep in mind while buying jewellery for work:

1) Go for sleek, sophisticated designs, something delicate and light to wear.

2) Don’t wear too many items at a time, keep it simple. You can wear a pendant set if the design is small, don’t wear too big designs else just wear one piece at a time. Same goes for the rings, avoid bold designs and too many of them at a time.

3) Gold and diamond jewellery are the safest bet, you can wear coloured precious/semi-precious stones unless they very bold and go with the outfit.

4) Pearls look elegant and go with almost everything.

5) Avoid bangles that make noise while you work. You don’t want to distract anyone, prefer bracelets or maybe 2 gold bangles. I usually wear a watch in one hand while 2 gold bangles or a bracelet in other.

(Images via Minawala)

Much Love !


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