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Hair Care Guide

I have always been complimented for my hair, not just by my friends & family but strangers on road or even salon people. That’s like one of my major USP I guess.

Here I’ll share a few pics and probably you’ll know what I mean when I call it my USP !

hair care best indian beauty blog

hair care best indian beauty blog

hair care best indian beauty blog

hair care best indian beauty blog

I have dark brown hair, luckily straight, not poker straight but straight thus I don’t have to go through the process of ironing/pressing too much unless special occasions. But the best thing about my hair is the texture, which is the most important thing I suppose in hair. Thus I’ll be discussing few tips for hair care:

1. Oiling: I don’t really oil my hair much as I have an oily scalp, but if I do I prefer pure almond oil, try procuring it from stores which take it out fresh and not commercial ones, otherwise mustard oil ( bit lukewarm, which your scalp is comfortable with of course) is a good option, massage your scalp for a while, let it reach the roots & leave overnight.

Since I have just moved to Hyderabad, the water here is giving my hair a tough time so I am trying this new ‘Dove Elixir Hair-fall Control Oil’ about which I’ll get back to you guys later after using it for few more times.

2. Shampoo & Conditioner: I have been using Matrix Biolage Fortifying shampoo & conditioner for a while now. Thing is, don’t pick your shampoo & conditioner just because you see a fancy bottle in the market, always ask your salon/ hair guy to help you pick.

3. Hair Serum: I just can’t do without hair serums, it’s a must for me. I have been using Matrix Biolage smoothening serum for over 5 years now & it works best for me. Again, talk to your salon guy as to which one you should go for preferably.

4. Hair Spas: I take regular hair spas, once a month. Usually I go for protein treatment but currently have switched to hair fall treatment thing. If you have any other particular hair issue such as dandruff, you can go for specific hair spas, but it’s always good to have hair spas at least a month. I prefer L’oreal & Matirx products for hair spas.

5. Other Tricks or my little secrets: (a) Egg white + 2-3 drops olive oil, apply for 40mins – 1 hour before hair wash. Provides nourishment & improves the texture of hair. ( This is for people with normal/ bit oily scalp, like me, if you have a dry scalp, go for curd instead of egg white.) If the smell of egg white troubles you, add 2-3 drops lime to it.

(b) Dandruff: Usually a problem of dry scalp, apply Curd + lime drops ( half a lime for one bowl) for 40 mins before hair wash.

(c) Hairfall: Keep eating dried ‘Amla’ or Indian gooseberry every now & then like a candy, it helps.

I hope these few things will help you maintain your hair like they do to me.

Do get back to me here with your reviews & comments on my hair care tips.

Have a Happy Hair !!

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Much Love.