As you guys are aware that I have been traveling quite actively for last few months, I have so much to share with you guys. I love traveling and when the Delhi weather gets too much or the air gets tad too unbearable, getting out of town is the best idea for me besides just Read More

The pitter-patter of the raindrops on the windowpane, the cool air outside and the increased longing for ginger chai are just some things that signal the start of the rainy season. After the dreary summer heat, it is such a relief! On days when it rains incessantly, the air outside feels much cleaner and cooler. Read More

Monsoon Skin It is me or our skin is extra prone to clogged pores and breakouts during monsoons in general than any time of the year. I mean that sticky feeling, everything clogging up your pores only makes it worse. Well, I am sure it’s just not me and for someone who has a pretty Read More

I have been working out of my home for sometime now. I need to get out now. It’s good to make a change, especially when I have to come up with new ideas. Working from a new place every now and then is my thing. I have an office setup at my place but how Read More

Finding my way through a plot line with inscrutable character motivations. Learning a fact from medieval European society that leaves me astounded. Or hearing from someone who lived years ago. Isn’t it fascinating that I can do it all from the comfort of my bed through reading?  I think there are several reasons to be Read More

When it comes to travel, the chance to discover and experience something is what I love the most. But before I embark on an adventure, I need to know what I am getting into.  A vacation for me usually means a staycation when I also get a lot of work done. And you could imagine, Read More

The last time when I spoke about my work taking me places, I mentioned my Switzerland trip in my previous post and how I managed with my Airtel international roaming package seamlessly. But what about a totally different travel or work experience, like smaller places and remote areas? Are those experiences seamless as well for Read More

As you guys know I was recently in Switzerland to visit the Glion Institute of Higher Education Campus on Montreux as a part of a press trip. But before I share more details on what the press trip was about, a little about Glion first! Glion Institute of Higher Education is one of leading hospitality Read More

Was I supposed to take the left turn before the medical shop? Or did I have to go further? Whenever I am travelling or find myself in an unfamiliar area of Delhi, my abysmal navigation skills are pretty evident. In most cases, my friends with a better intuitive sense are able to help me out. Read More

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